On Sunday, January 15th Marimedia officially celebrated the end of 2011 with a presentation commemorating all the achievements we’ve had in this record-breaking, milestone-filled year.  Every year since Marimedia’s beginning in 2007 the company has seen significant growth in revenue, personnel, and size every year relative to the year before  but in 2011 we managed to set new milestones, acquire scores of new talented employees and surpass all expectations.

Marimedia socializes before the presentation

Some of our most notable accomplishments in 2011:

  • New offices
  • Launch of Ad$Gadget and Marimedia Mobile
  • Launch of Mobile network
  • Joint venture with Logia Group
  • Creation of the studio department
  • 5 new recruitment classes
  • 31 new employees
  • Records broken in all departments
  • Tech department and new APIs
Mira, Michael, Yoav, Itay, and Aviv enjoy some wine


Starting off our presentation was Mira Shamia, our Human Resources Manager.  Mira worked very hard this year to nearly double the size of Marimedia from 31 employees at the beginning of 2011 to 59 at the end.   She also planned many internal events to keep Marimedia fun & active include Fun Day, Marimedia Winter Olympics, Sushi Day, and many, many more activities.   Mira is planning to continue aggressively recruit new talent to Marimedia and plan more great events in 2012.

Marimedia Group

From the Marimedia Group presentations, Diego Alaluf from Sprintile, Ivo Facianof from Marimedia Mobile, and Yael Karni from Ad$Gadget and Profitbuyer presented their units’ accomplishments from the past year with what to expect in 2012.


Sprintile rapidly grew this year, going from fresh start-up to highly profitable.  Sprintile has been busy with developing high-converting affiliate offers, advertising in dozens of countries worldwide, and expanding into eCommerce with Love & Pride.  In 2012 Sprintile is looking to expand their offerings in over 25 countries, continue creating great products, and spread to more Internet marketing niches.

Marimedia Mobile

Marimedia Mobile was one of the bigger highlights of the year as Marimedia’s dedicated entity to the rapidly growing mobile market.  Marimedia Mobile, under the management and leadership of Ivan Facianof, has surpassed even our best forecasts and has added new employees as well as recently announced a merger with Logia Group.  Marimedia Mobile will continue fully merging with Logia in 2012 and continue adding more publishers and advertisers to their network

Ivan Facianof, Director of Marimedia Mobile

Ad$Gadget and ProfitBuyer

Ad$Gadget and ProfitBuyer are set to launch in 2012 after being under development for most of 2011.  The in-house developed technology will allow long-tail publishers and advertisers monetize their traffic and promote their offers without a middle man.  Stay tuned for more information about Ad$Gadget in our blog as we near its commercial launch this Spring.

Yael Karni of Ad$Gadget and ProfitBuyer

Marimedia Network

The Campaign Management Department had a successful year as well, smashing all previous records.  This year, the campaign management department added a new team, set new records in revenue, and doubled in size.  Ronen Ezra, the Campaign Management Director, reviewed some of the landmarks and technological advancements we made in 2011.

Ronen Ezra, Director of Campaign Management, and Tully Nissensen, Team Leader in the Media Buying Department

Tal Feigel, head of the Media Buying Department, presented the department’s growth this past year.  In 2011, they doubled in size to become one of the biggest media buying departments in the industry.  They also acquired new premium publishers to their list of quality websites.

For the Media Sales department, Galia Reichenstein reflected on the multiple conventions Marimedia attended this year including ad:tech London, ad:tech San Francisco, ad:tech New York, gamescom, DMEXCO, and and e-Commerce Paris.   In 2011 the media sellers began new partnerships with over a hundred premium advertisers.

Galia Reichenstein, the MC of the evening and Director of Media Sales

Our newest and fastest growing department, Studio, was presented by Aviv Kantor who manages the unit.  The Studio department added new, state-of-the-art computers to develop graphics material that is viewed billions of times in over 29 languages each month.  Since Aviv joined the company in mid-2011, the studio department has produced over 13,000 banners.

Our CEO’s, Maia Shiran and Ariel Cababie, continued the ceremony with what to look forward to.  The highlights will follow next month

Elad, Ariel, Maia, and Matthew smile for the camera
Rakafet and Tal are caught by surprise

Although we’ve had an overwhelmingly successful and very busy 2011, we are very much looking forward to 2012.  Continue subscribing to our blog and visit often for the latest news and updates from Marimedia in 2012 and beyond.


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