Gamescom is one of the gaming industry’s biggest and most well-known conventions. All the new and hottest games and innovations from the biggest gaming companies in the world meet for a few days in Germany, a country known throughout the gaming industry as the home of many big name gaming developers.  This year had the largest turnout ever, with over 300,000 gamers and professionals attending!

Sarah & Galia couldn't find any smaller glasses
Sarah & Galia couldn’t find any smaller glasses

Our team for the convention was Yoav (Campaign Managers), Galia (Sales), Sara (Media Buyers) and I (Sales). We all worked extremely hard and altogether spoke with hundreds of people in 6 different languages, held over one hundred meetings and drank over 20 beers (we’re in Germany after all :D ).

The convention is an amazing place to see and learn about the new trends in and around the gaming industry; from payment solutions, new apps, mobile usage all the way to advertising the games. This is where Marimedia comes in; for the last year gaming advertising has become a focal point in our company. We are running campaigns for some of the biggest gaming companies in the world so what better place for Marimedia than Gamescom?

-2011 was a big convention for the company and for me personally; it was the first time Marimedia had a booth at Gamescom, my first convention and the first time I drank alien blood (long story, I’ll tell you later).

The booth was a great success; we had a cool area to host our meetings, people kept coming over to ask us what we do and exchange information.

Ron and a Marimedia partner taking a picture together

-          The photo booth was a lot of fun, the photos can be found on our Facebook page.  Warning: some of the pictures may be embarrassingJ.

Sarah and Yoav get down to the business with a Marimedia partner

My first convention was smooth sailing; I had a great time, and it was so great to meet our partners face to face! The four of us representing Marimedia made tons of new partners, met a lot of very interesting people in the industry and of course had alien blood and survived.  Not bad for a couple days, right?

See you at Gamescom 2012!!!

The gang gets together for a group shot


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  1. [...] Gamescom had their inaugural year in 2010 and featured some of the industries leading gaming publishers presenting their latest games.  In 2011 Marimedia flew to Germany and began new partnerships with several international gaming companies who now use Marimedia’s campaign management expertise to get their games thousands of new gamers every month.  You can read Ron Shavit’s blog post about last year’s experience at gamescom here. [...]

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